We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art

I directed and edited this video campaign for Dell and Von Wong to raise awareness for electronic waste recycling. The campaign got picked up by PetaPixel, MyModernMet, DPReview, Fstoppers, DIYphotography, and tone of others. See more at www.rethinkrecyclerevive.com.

I also edited 3 teaser videos here, here, and here.

Raising awareness for First World Hunger - with the Second Harvest Food Bank

This cause is very dear to my heart. Von Wong and I teamed up to create a campaign for Second Harvest Food Bank. I shot and edited the video. Full story here. 

Paralyzed Mom Hangs Off a Cliff

I traveled to Australia with Benjamin Von Wong and led a team of 6 videographers to capture this story of a quadriplegic mother re-connecting with her 7-year old son on the face of a cliff. The majority of the footage was shot by me and the editing was also done by me. Full story here.  

Surreal Lava Portraits (Long Form Director's Cut)

This is the mini-documentary I made for Benjamin Von Wong of when we traveled to Hawaii and traversed an active volcano in pitch blackness to shoot on an active lava flow. I know - sounds crazy to me too. Full story here. 

Real Life Lava Photoshoot

This is the short cut of the mini-documentary I made for Benjamin Von Wong's photoshoot on top of an active lava flow. Shot and edited by me. Full story here.