What do you do?

I produce, direct, shoot, and edit videos! I also do fashion/lifestyle/brand photography. Another service I offer is consulting on digital strategies for brands, companies, and individuals.  Here's an article about my work, a short interview I did for Adobe, and another one I did with Wrapal that get into more detail. 

Which camera do you shoot with?

I shoot with whatever camera is best for the job. Sometimes that's a Red Epic and sometimes that's a GoPro. Personally, I've been loving my Sony A7RII. But a little birdie tells me the A7SIII is around the corner…

WHich editing program do you use?

I mostly use Premiere Pro CC, but I am also proficient in Final Cut Pro X.

WHich effects program do you use?

I use After Effects CC.

How did you learn to shoot?

I went to UCLA for Design Media Arts and Film, though I learned most of my knowledge online. If you'd like to learn cinematography or photography, I recommend you check out AputureRocket Jump Film School, No Film School, Philip Bloom, Film RiotDigital Rev, Matt Granger, Zack Arias, Dave Dugdale, Trey Ratcliff, Benjamin Von Wong, Griffin Hammond, The Slanted Lens, Fro Knows Photo, The Northrups, or take a class.

Do you teach classes?

Yes - I have taught photography, video, and editing workshops at Adobe MAX, NAB Show, and coming up in February 2019 - Gulf Photo Plus. I’ve also taught private lessons in editing. If you’d like to hire me, write to me on my contact page

can i work with you?

Absolutely! Write to me on my contact page

do you have an instagram?

I recently started one, but I rarely post. However, I Tweet all the time.