90's Nostalgia - Beauty + Style Guide

One of the hardest edits of my life. I spent 2 weeks in AfterEffects, re-creating the look and feel of Microsoft Paint. 

My New Chapter
Sailor Moon: Kōan

Rotoscoping and tracking the intro shot and figuring out how to make a 3D ribbon spiral around the girls took me a week. And then the rest of the editing was done as usual, with a little bit of fire thrown in using Trapcode Particular. 


This was a fun one because I created a 3D universe using Trapcode Particular inside of AfterEffects and I used Maya to create the details in the lower thirds. 


This was one of my favorite videos to edit. We were lucky enough to get the rights to the song I wanted - "Surrender" - and I had to just figure out a way to do the brand text the way I wanted to (with the lines extending and tracking). I ended up being able to complete the project using the Beam Tool in Adobe After Effects. 


I edited this in one day. Michelle added some of the text and squiggle animations. I did the product name text. 

Final Dynasty : Aesthetic Inspiration

Edited in a few days.


Decided to have a little more fun with the intro on this tutorial and introduced custom shattered glass effects that I hand-made using layer masks. 

DIY Spring Delight: Food, Drink + Face Mask ✿
Music Festival Looks: Zodiac Sirens

I had fun with the zodiac wheel but not so much fun tracking and blurring the reflection in the sunglasses. 

Butterfly Kisses ♥

Also created the 3D butterflies in AfterEffects that would land on the words. 

Summer Sunset Glow + Bonfire Party Ideas
Fantasy Looks // The Magician + High Priestess

I did the animation and drawings at the beginning as well. 

My Alter Ego Look

Took it back to old-school Michelle with intro cards for every step of the makeup process. 

Rize: Tokyo Ghoul Collab
DIY Room Ideas For Unicorns

All the text in this is actually my handwriting.

Easy DIY Gifts for Mother's Day
Lunar New Year Beauty
What's In My Travel Bag + Summer Beauty Look!
10 Grooming Tips for Men feat. Imperfect Gentlemen

The trick here was to get the video as short and as funny as possible. 

Fun DIY Projects for Pets!
Netflix and Chilling

I was really bummed that I couldn't get the rights to the song I wanted to use originally, but I'm glad we made it work! 

Back to School + Work Beauty, DIY + more
Best of 2015 Part 1

The longest video so far on Michelle's channel. Took forever to edit both parts 1 and 2. 

Best of 2015 Part 2
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk 2
Pillow Talk 3
Pillow Talk 4
Pillow Talk 5
Pillow Talk 6
TREND REPORT: Drones, Athleisure, Space Buns + More!
Glowing Skin Look ✧ Ethereal Aura
January Update Video