I shot this video over 2 days in Palm Springs with the rest of Michelle Phan's team and a few special guests. It was also one of the quickest post-production turnarounds we've had - I edited and color-corrected this in one day and Michelle added the animated squiggles. 


We had 6 hours to shoot this video, including wardrobe changes, travel, and meals. Every location was new for me - so I had to come up with shots and ideas on the spot.

Sailor Moon: Kōan

When I realized that this video project would involve 5 girls and we only had one day to shoot everything, I envisioned a 360-degree set. We were able to rotate the lighting setup for each girl and then do a full 360 shot for the intro. 

Let's Go Glamping

We wanted this video to feel as authentic as possible, so many of the shots weren't planned or "set up." We just went glamping in the woods and I wanted to capture the authentic nature of the outing. 

Netflix and Chilling

While we originally planned to set this video to a different song, we had to switch our strategy in post-production and the video still worked.